February |FIVE

The last week of January is over and the theme of the week was; believe. If you are craving some affirmations, you can follow along with the ones we used in the affirmation series. I choose to believe.

The past week has been a bit hard for me as I have been thinking about my goals and where I am going in life. I have been struggling a lot with myself and have felt lost. I sort of lost the motivation for what I am doing in life in general and it got me exhausted and a bit down to be honest.

I was reminded by a friend that it is important to trust my own process and feel like the future can be different from the past. I have been holding on to a lot of conflict from the past and it is time, to be honest with myself about what I want. The truth is I know what I want but I am acting as if I don’t deserve it and that is what’s killing my vibe. Every day is a struggle to get up out of bed and get going with my day because I have been holding on to fear of what the future holds. So no wonder I have been feeling so drained lately when I have been using all my focus on the wrong kind of things.

Where energy goes, attention flows.

Before any change can happen you have to be able to believe in what you want. Getting my mind to believe in my dreams is tricky when I focus on what could go wrong and what happened in the past. So once again I have to work on letting go of all the thoughts that tell me I am no good and that I will never be able to change. It is hard to work on yourself and develop new habits but if I want different results I have to do it. If I want to complete my tasks and accomplish my goals I have to tell my mind that I can do it and that I believe in myself.

Do you struggle with believing in yourself? Please leave a comment in the section below and share how you cheer up yourself and find motivation.



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