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    You and I

    You say just do and I say think.

    You advance and I retreat.

    You think it is easy and I say it is hard.

    You want to play and I want to pause.

    You try and I give up.

    You let go and I am stuck.

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    Manifesting or alignment…

    I found that every time I write what I want with an intention and clarity it manifests in my life. Getting it out there. Black on white. Stating clearly what you want makes the universe ready to work its magic in your life. Writing the things you want on a piece paper has great power.

    We manifest all the time whether we are aware of it or not. The process to manifesting things into reality is always the same, you have to visualize it into fruition. The steps on the way from thought to reality can take as little or much time as it takes you to align to your vision. If you firmly believe and trust that the thing you desire is coming it will show up on your doorsteps before you had the time to blink your eyes. When we question and second doubt ourselves and keep looking for the thing to arrive, it will take longer. The hardest part is to let go of the desires and trust that it will come back but often when you do it works like magic and shows up instantly.

    The steps to manifest your desires: (Remember that the trick is letting it go with the trust even though you don’t know how to get it.)

    Feel joy.
    Feel it.
    Get clear.
    Crystal clear.
    Lotus position.
    Let go.
    Be certain.

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    Questions to wake up your soul…

    Here are some questions to make you feel connected to your highest self. Journal on them, discuss them with a friend you trust, or simply just meditate on the answers and get closer to yourself. Answer one at a time or all at once, make sure to take your precious time. Create a sacred space for yourself to feel your feelings and answer the questions from your heart.

    It is perfectly okay if you don’t have all the answers or if some questions are hard to answer. Just invite honesty, love, and patience to see what comes up for you and see if this practice works for you…

    How are you doing in your life right now? What are you feeling? What are your emotions making you feel? What do you think they are trying to explain to you? What makes you sad? What makes you happy?

    Can you tell when pain is trying to tell you something? Do you feel safe? Are you trying to make peace with your past? Where are your thoughts going? What are you giving your time to? Who are you giving you time to?

    What are you devoting your life to? Would you be okay if today was your last day on earth?

    Do you feel stuck? How can you get unstuck? Are you living your dream life? How can your life get better?

    Who is supporting you in life? Who can you give support to?

    How is your physical body doing? What is going on with your heart? What do you feel in your mind? Do you trust yourself?

    Where are you going? Who is with you on your road? What are your dreams? What do you need right now?

    Who do you love? Who loves you?

    Who do you talk to when you’re happy? When you are sad, who do you go to?

    What are you longing for? What are you waiting for to happen?

    If you feel like sharing your answers or have any thoughts you want to share please comment in the section below. I would love to hear what comes up for you.



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    My thought of the day…

    We pray and wish and hope. Put all our money on that special thing that will give us happiness. Finding a four-leaf clover is the dream and then we use that wish on simple things that we don’t actually need.

    Why do we chase around searching for meaning when we know the power of our minds can give us all the things we want? We just have to think about it and it can happen. It is called manifesting and it really works if we use our minds right.

    The world has us thinking we need more than we have to get what we want. That we need more knowledge, more books, more medicine to achieve our goals. We are all searching for healing outside of ourselves but the truth is that the healing is inside of us.

    Sometimes I think we care more about the chase and that is why we don’t even notice when the dreams we had at one point actually comes true. We got our eyes on the the next best thing telling, not asking God how to give it to us and when.

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    Rise Sister Rise…

    I am currently reading a great book that I highly recommend if you are into spirituality. It is called Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell. It has reminded me about all the sisters I have out there in the world who have inspired me to be who I am today. I love all the women in my life who support and lift each other up because they know that together we are stronger.

    I have had many female role models through the years and have always been surrounded by girls older than me. Girls who were vegetarians, artists, world travels, dancers, entrepreneurs, teachers, engineers. They all had this confident and an inner light that made me believe in them. I’d like to think that they formed me into the person I am today. I am not exactly like them but I have a little bit of their light in me and maybe they have a little of mine shining through their hearts as well.

    One person who has had a great impact on me is, of course, my big sister. Growing up she was always the one who taught me everything. My mom kind of outsourced her job to my sister and she had to be the leader I guess. She told me what to wear or what not to wear, what music I should listen to or what music she loved to listen to. I was always right behind here looking at what she did but not always following in her footsteps.

    Rise Sister Rise

    Rise Sister Rise – The magic of sisterhood

    We were really close and used to talk about everything. She would come into my room and we would chat for hours. Sometimes we used to dress in separate rooms and come out wearing the same color palette. We were in sync while listening to our favorite boyband ´Nsync. She moved away to study at college and we lost that instant connection. I stayed in our hometown where I still live and sometimes I can’t help but wonder who I would have been without her.

    My sister was always so much stronger than me. She had a way of just moving on with her life. Even though I don’t want to be compared to her because people always do, I find myself feeling less than her sometimes. But I know that we are not the same person, we don’t even look alike. She has light skin and I have dark skin. She is blond and I am a brunette. She does weightlifting while I practice yoga. We are not the same person but still we have a deep bond.

    Having her to guide me in my life has been a gift. It has taught me to be myself even though I have always heard her voice in the back of my head wispering her guidance to me. When she left for college I found a new older girlfriend who inspired me to be confident and free. During that time my relationship with my sister was a little bit shaky. We weren’t always connected but we didn’t grow apart, we just changed a little bit. That is the thing about life, it is always changing and when we hold on to the past we get stuck in old ways.

    My sister and I still have our bond and she will always be the person who has inspired me the most in life and the longest relationship I probably will have with anyone in life. I am grateful for her and all the strong women who have walked before me who have taught me about sisterhood. I look forward to the new women who are entering my life as I step into womanhood.

    Who has made a great impact on your personality? Do you have a person in your life who has shaped you into the person that you are today and what do you want to say to that person?

    Rise Sister Rise,


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    Make your parents proud…

    All my life, I have always wanted to hear that I was good, that I was a good daughter, a good student, a good human being. I needed to hear I was a good person so I did what I could to get praised, first and foremost from my parents. But in many ways, I felt like I disappointed them because I couldn’t measure up to this person I wanted to be. I was very shy and awkward in school, I didn’t have any friends. I used to think I was so useless; my inside thoughts were; I am so weird, who would ever like me?

    Talking down to myself and thinking negative thoughts about who I am have left an impact on my life. I never liked being me, I always dreamt of being another person who was brave, popular and nice to everybody. But I wasn’t that girl; I was emotional, introverted and sensitive. Always comparing myself with everyone else who I thought was doing better than me was not healthy for me. It made me feel a lot of resentment towards everyone else who had what I wanted but thought I wasn’t worthy of having.

    When I feel like I am not in charge of my own life, I think it is ok to blame everyone else. I want to drag them to the ground with me and make them feel as miserable as I feel. I resent people for being more successful than I am and feel left out. It is part of human nature to compare ourselves with each other. These thoughts come and go during the different cycles of life. It is only natural. However, it is when we let them control our lives that they have to be looked at and dealt with. They are not supposed to be used as a weapon towards your own mind and leave you thinking that everybody else is better or more worthy than you. And vice versa.

    Carrying resentment around is heavy and feels bad. For me, it makes me blind to the truth, I see red, I pity myself and I feel less than everyone else. I actually have been carrying around a lot of bad emotions lately towards the world, blaming everyone else for how my life has been played out. I know it is not fair of me and I can’t go on acting like I am not in charge of my life. I can change what is bothering me and get off this miserable pity party. It is time to step up and take responsibility for my life and my choices. I truly think my lesson in life is to see the beauty of my mistakes.

    Getting older I have found another way of dealing with those intrusive thoughts. Whenever I notice them come up again, I try to look at them with loving eyes and think; I am who I am for a reason. I cannot be anyone else than me, this world needs people like me. I have to have a purpose here in this time and realm with this personality.

    A while ago I stopped thinking of what was expected of me and did what I needed to do every day and I released myself from all the guilt I carried for not being like everybody else. I am learning to trust that I am getting what I need from life. I just needed to stop pressuring myself into becoming something I wasn’t so that I could find out who I am. I shouldn’t blame anyone for what I have done with my life. I have made some poor choices and that is why I am unhappy with my career and personal life. At the same time, I am thankful for how it all played out and I accept the past for what it is today.

    If you are reading this and find yourself recognizing yourself in my words I want you to know that you are here for a reason as well. Whenever you question and blame yourself for your shortcomings next time, think about what makes you deserving of your place right now. I am sure you can find something that is really true.

    My dad always says that life is an opportunity that we are lucky to take. It took me a while to get what he was saying and I realize now that he meant I should just go with the flow of life. If it offers you lemons you should learn how to make lemonade. I hope you make it taste sweet.



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    Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide 2022

    Everybody on social media is talking about Mercury retrograde. This is your Mercury retrograde survival guide for 2022. Is it still relevant? What are the dos and don’ts? Let’s find out!

    Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide 2022

    Mercury retrograde is the astrological explanation for everything that is going bad in your life right now. Mercury is the planet that rules all communication and when it is in retrograde three times a year for three weeks, shit (can) hit the fan. The truth is the planet is not really moving backward, it just appears that way from the earth as an optical illusion.

    The ruler of communication

    Since the planet is the ruler of communication, it can affect travel, technology, and contracts. During this time, flights and trains are often delayed and create a lot of stress for people who commute. Computers and smartphones have temporary malfunctions and emails or other documents can get lost in cyberspace during this time. Doublecheck who you send your emails to so you don’t send private emails to the wrong person. More accidents happen during the retrograde due to miscommunication, in both written and oral expression. Make sure you are calm when you speak so that you don’t say anything you’ll have to regret later. Also, you should back up your computer and save your files beforehand. A piece of advice is to not install new software during this time.

    It also can affect contracts so if you are buying a new house or signing an agreement see if you can reschedule until Mercury is orbiting in the “right” direction again. There can be invisible terms hidden in your contract that can cost you a lot of money in the future or get you in trouble later. Don’t sign a lease for a new car or make big purchases either. If you have to sign papers just make sure you read it thoroughly and carefully before the ink dries.

    This is also not the best time to start a new job because you’ll likely get a different position than the one you thought you’d get. Same goes with starting a new relationship during these weeks because they probably won’t last for long.

    When is Mercury in retrograde in 2022?

    • January 14, 2022 – February 3, 2022. It starts off in Aquarius and moves to Capricorn in the end.
    • May 10, 2022 – June 2, 2022. It starts in Gemini and ends in Taurus.
    • September 9, 2022 – October 2, 2022. It begins in Libra and travels back into Virgo.
    • December 29, 2022 – January 18, 2023. Stays in Capricorn for the whole retrograde period.
    Mercury retrograde Survival Guide 2022

    How to survive Mercury Retrograde

    The way to get through this period is to be aware of things not functioning properly and doublecheck your work before you send emails or texts. You can live your normal life, just make sure to take deep breathes when things are moving slowly.

    This is actually a good time to really slow down in life and look inwards. Take the time to journal, read and get to know yourself. Spend time in solitude and look for solutions instead of obsessing about what isn’t working. Communicate less and try to listen more to what life is teaching you during this period.

    During this time old friends and family members seem to be resurfacing as well. People from your past can pop up from the blue and it can be a fun time to just explore the relationships or to get closure. Either way, this is the ultimate time to redo everything and hopefully get a better outcome than before.

    Mercury retrograde can be very frustrating but they are often helpful as well because we get to reassess, revisit, and redesign our plans. We get to rethink everything and slow down in our decisionmaking which gives us new ideas. Use the time wisely and remember that this too shall pass.

    I hope you found this article of your Mercury retrograde survival guide in 2022 to be helpful. The first period of 2022 is here now and I wish you a smooth time filled with a lot of insight. Please leave a comment in the section below and tell me what your best tips are for surviving the retrograde.



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    Think abundant thoughts…

    We are what we see in the world.

    Relationships are mirrors. They show us our own reflections and oftentimes when we find ourselves in a situation where there is resistance in a relationship it could be because we don’t want to accept what we see. If you see somebody who is successful and feel envious it could be because you are denying yourself the success you crave.

    We have been thought that only a few people can succeed and that the money out there is not enough for everybody. In a society where everybody is chasing the same things, it is so easy to feel scarcity. We are so afraid that people will try to steal our success that we try to hide it. We become like Gollum and hide our precious things from the world because we are afraid that they will be stolen from us.

    I can admit that sometimes it takes me a while to feel happy for other people. I get so fearful that I will never be successful and whenever somebody else gets something I want I start to feel negative. I think bad thoughts and feel left out. Why do I not deserve to feel happy? When is it my turn to get what I want?

    It is so easy to forget to be grateful in a world where it is always about making it to the next level. We want to get the fastest car, the biggest house, the best promotion. This silent competition that we have all agreed on participating in our adult life should just stop here and now.

    Life should really be about who can learn to be the happiest most loving person, right? You make yourself feel good by deciding what success means to you. It could be as simple as you want or be as difficult as you choose. We are the creators of own lives and every day we can be as happy as we want or as sad as we want.

    Give a gift of love.

    Think about the last time you received a gift from someone. Do you remember how it felt? Didn’t it feel good that someone had thought of you and actually took the time to get you a present?

    Now think about the last time you got a compliment from another person. Did it make you feel happy? I bet it did and you know what the best part about it was? It was free. It doesn’t cost anything to honor people or praise them with kind words and usually, it means a lot to receive. This is something that brings us closer to each other and is a good way to spread more love.

    A good way to get over those feelings of envy in your relationships could be to compliment the other person. It is not always easy but it is the right thing to do. When you have this mentality of showing appreciation for other people you invite good vibes back to yourself.

    To acknowledge people is so radically important. It is one of the best ways to feel connected to someone else. It is a simple way to open up for conversation and opens up for new opportunities of information to be shared and linked.

    So, remember to always give credit where credit is due.

    Lesson: There is enough abundance for all of us.

    “You is kind.

    You is smart.

    You is important.”



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    The evil eye and ego minds…


    Vibes don’t lie.

    Money and success can make people protective of themselves and create a lot of fearful thoughts and negativity. The ego and its madness want to make us believe that we are not worthy of the pretty things in life and therefore it does all it can to take it away from us. I have found that if I focus too much on my own success I get in a state of fear and whenever I feel myself being too egoistic or obsessed with myself I perform badly and lose control in my daily life.

    In the Middle Eastern culture, people believe in the power of the evil eye. When something bad happens to them, they immediately say; it is thanks to the evil eyes. They believe that other people wish them bad thoughts and create their misfortunes. They think accidents are caused out of jealousy and that people who stare at you with evil eyes have a black heart and black eyes that make bad things happen. After an accident, they trace back everyone they met on that day and put the blame on that one person they find guilty for the accident.

    I have to admit that I myself have used this excuse after getting a speeding ticket, parking ticket or dropping something on the floor. In one way, I believe it is all about placing the blame of our own misfortunes on others and stepping away from our own responsibility for the mishap. But on the other hand, I have wondered if there is some truth to it. The idea of how jealousy and negative energy can be transformed from one person to the other makes me question if there is such a power as evil eyes and bad vibes.

    The evil eye and ego minds…

    There is no such thing as accidents.

    Growing up I often heard about this “theory” from my parents and was thought to be careful around people and not show my own success too much because that would make them jealous of me. This is obviously something that left an imprint on me and my thinking around success but I don’t hold it against them. I just feel like it is time to break that cycle.

    The truth is that other people can’t control my life. If something bad happens it is meant to teach me a lesson. Accidents are just warning signs that signals that it is time to wake up and be honest about my own life. Life could be telling me that the friend I am hanging out with really isn’t a good friend. It could be that the road I am on is not right for me, that I should turn around. Another sign that something is wrong could be that the doors I am trying to open won’t unlock because my dreams are not behind those particular doors. They are somewhere else. Life is just trying to guide me to move forward.

    Thinking about accidents in this way instead of placing the blame on other people lets me take the control. I am not the victim of other peoples’ bad vibes. I am the one who is in charge of what I see and I can choose to see the lesson instead.

    Have you been going through something lately that made you feel like you were a victim? How did you turn it around? I would love to hear how you deal with the negative energy in your life. Leave a comment in the section below.



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    Single, in a relationship, it is complicated…

    There is a tv show called Married at first sight. It is a reality show where there are a bunch of “experts” who put two people together based on some tests they have made. The couple who are matched is supposed to get married right away when they first meet in a church wearing their wedding attire. Scary first date huh?

    After they get married the get to go on a honeymoon and when they return to their homes we get to follow the couples trying to adjust to each other’s new lives. Almost every relationship in that show end with the couple wanting to get divorced.

    This is just a tv show but even the so-called experts don’t know what advice they should be giving to people who are looking for love. Why is that?

    My mother married my father after knowing him for a couple of weeks. In those days the customs were that if a guy saw a girl he liked, (by like I mean that he saw a girl he thought was cute and wanted to get to know her after asking around about her family and background) he could go to her parents and ask for her hand in marriage. She would think about it, maybe talk to him under the supervision of her family and then decide whether she wanted to marry the guy or not.

    My parents are truly an old couple, they bicker a lot and they love to hate each other but at the end of the day, they wouldn’t leave each other for anyone else. They did things a little differently, they got married first, had four children, worked hard to create a home and in the meantime, they grew to love each other through the years. It worked for them because they made it work and because giving up was not an option.

    Nowadays I feel like the dating-scenes has become somewhat similar to the process of making a business deal. Everyone is trying to win something out of it; either it is money or security. Jackpot would be if your future husband was rich, gorgeous and nice but often people settle if he is just cute.

    It is a jungle out there, meeting somebody new can feel exciting and scary at the same time. When you start to feel attracted to someone it is fun and sexy, you walk around with a goofy smile for a week fantasizing about meeting them. It can go either way, sometimes it is simple, fast and easy and sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to.

    Finding a romantic partner is something most people dream about and being single can sometimes feel painful and can cause low self-esteem and a lot of emotional sorrow for some people. This stress around being in a relationship can cause people to settle for someone who isn’t right for them. Being single and having only yourself to look out after can be amazing if you are willing to let go of the pressure around your relationship status.

    Depending on what you want out of the relationship you should be able to know if a person is right for you or not. Sometimes I am not sure that the idea of living with one person for the rest of our life is good or how it is supposed to be. We always hear these stories of people cheating, leaving their partner or destroying their relationships in one way or the other. The reality is that there are so many people out there who are in relationships they shouldn’t be in. People change and develop through time and that might be one reason why most relationships fail. I am not sure if I ever will get married but I do know I won’t settle for anyone until I feel clarity in heart, mind, and soul all at the same time.

    I would love to hear what your thoughts are about marriage and being single. What is the number one relationship advice you would give to a couple who are getting married? Leave a comment in the section below.