My body, my choice. Period.

This world is making no sense right now. I see no logic in the decisions that are made daily that impact all humanity. There is no understanding left between human beings, a divide has been made. It feels like we are at war and I don’t know why we are all fighting instead of uniting.

For so many years we have worked on making the world a better place. Tried to heal what was once broken. We tried to make right what was wrong. We fought for equal rights for men and women. For all cultures to feel accepted and the freedom to be whoever you want to be and love who you want to love. History teaches us this.

Somehow we always end up right where we started and we begin fighting with one and other again. We want to decide what the others do. We want them to be like us. We want to force them to make the “right” decisions like us. That is not freedom. That is not love or concern for the other. That is fear trying to control the choice of others. Human beings in groups love to feel accepted, so many comply without knowing why. Many feel like it is better to be on the “safe” side of the group than to stand alone. I get it, I understand that the need to belong can be strong. It is easier to have the support of others than to feel like the black sheep who is laughed at and ostracized. It is scary how powerful the group mind can impact people’s choices. Alienating and pointing fingers at others who are not like us to feel safe is weak. It is not what the solution is for making this world a better place.

I don’t know if that will ever be the case on this planet if we always find reasons to make ourselves more righteous than others. If we never let people make their own choices about their bodies and their lives we will never allow ourselves to be free. That goes for both sides, for all involved. We have to allow everyone make their own choice of what is right for them. We are born into this life with free will, we have the right to decide over ourselves. We are meant to be free in all shapes and forms. In our minds and our bodies, we are free to be whoever we want to be.

Like always, I know it is darkest before dawn. We are at the birth canal right now trying to get out of the womb. That means a lot of pain and screaming, but I trust that healing is coming. Love is coming, the pain will heal and we will unite again because freedom is our birthright.

And so it is.

I practice yoga. I eat organic food. I write.

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