Questions to wake up your soul…

Here are some questions to make you feel connected to your highest self. Journal on them, discuss them with a friend you trust, or simply just meditate on the answers and get closer to yourself. Answer one at a time or all at once, make sure to take your precious time. Create a sacred space for yourself to feel your feelings and answer the questions from your heart.

It is perfectly okay if you don’t have all the answers or if some questions are hard to answer. Just invite honesty, love, and patience to see what comes up for you and see if this practice works for you…

How are you doing in your life right now? What are you feeling? What are your emotions making you feel? What do you think they are trying to explain to you? What makes you sad? What makes you happy?

Can you tell when pain is trying to tell you something? Do you feel safe? Are you trying to make peace with your past? Where are your thoughts going? What are you giving your time to? Who are you giving you time to?

What are you devoting your life to? Would you be okay if today was your last day on earth?

Do you feel stuck? How can you get unstuck? Are you living your dream life? How can your life get better?

Who is supporting you in life? Who can you give support to?

How is your physical body doing? What is going on with your heart? What do you feel in your mind? Do you trust yourself?

Where are you going? Who is with you on your road? What are your dreams? What do you need right now?

Who do you love? Who loves you?

Who do you talk to when you’re happy? When you are sad, who do you go to?

What are you longing for? What are you waiting for to happen?

If you feel like sharing your answers or have any thoughts you want to share please comment in the section below. I would love to hear what comes up for you.



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