The word of last week was; relax. So, if you are craving some daily affirmations, follow along and choose to relax.

This past week I have been really relaxing trying to do nothing. It is a challenge to not take any actions, to not react. Not having any goals or mission. Just letting life unfold. It was much needed and made me feel so complete again because I could start feeling safe in myself again.

I am really thankful I have this time to just be and not figure out what the next step is. I am so done with trying to figure it all out, I have been doing that all my life and it never works out the way I plan for it. It makes me feel so free and happy. This is the way I want to live. Now I know not everyone has the privilege to live like this but everyone can decide whether or not they want to be relaxed in life or uptight. I choose to be relaxed. How about you?

Are you willing to relax this summer and just be? Let me know in the comment section below.



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