February |EIGHT

Last weeks theme was; release. So, if you are craving some daily affirmations, follow along and choose to release.

Last week there was a strong full moon that caused a lot of tension in my body and my head. I felt so much of my own insecurities and it made me look at my own truth that I have been telling myself about my life. I needed the light to shine on my shadow self so that I could let go of what wasn’t right for me.

The full moon was telling me to be honest about my own life. For the future, I need a happier self who knows who she is and why she is fighting for the things she wants. To clear all that is holding me back from being my highest self I need to let go of those old thoughts that aren’t serving me. If I want a new tomorrow to come, I need to release the past time and time again. But I can’t do that if I keep on thinking of my past as a mistake.

The truth is that the past is always there. It is not going to change no matter how many sleepless nights you have thinking about all the things that you could have done anything differently. It is supposed to teach you a lesson and if the history keeps on repeating itself you are not paying attention to the teacher. Ask yourself if you are ready to release and choose to let go of the prisoners you hold in your mind so that the lessons can be learned.



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