The word of last week was; confidence. So, if you are craving some daily affirmations, follow along and choose to be confident.

This year the only thing I really truly want to manifest is confidence. I want to walk my talk. I want to walk with determination and be so fierce that no man can stop me. I want to be so sure of myself that no bad juju can hurt me. So determined that no man, no woman or no system can mess with my game. I want to be so certain and sure that I can bring any dream I have alive.

Think about it, when you are confident in your own self you can make anything happen. If you put your all your good vibes and positive thoughts in your step and walk with your head held high nobody can tell you anything. The power is within you and all you have to do is dig it out and take your power back!

What makes you feel confident? Let me know in the comment section below.



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