Feel your pain away…

I have been thinking about how we deal with pain lately and I just think it is interesting how we sometimes act as human beings. I really don’t believe in taking pills to make my body feel better because I don’t think meds are the solution to everything. I am not saying I am perfect. I know I have some addictions to deal with. But I try to break free from all the illness that is constantly trying to get me down and mindfully heal my mind, body, and spirit.

The reason why people drink, overeat and take drugs is often rooted in the fact that they are trying to escape from their feelings. They are running away from their emotions and trying to get to peace in the highs. Whether it is alcohol, sugar or drugs the high won’t last forever. Eventually, you will have to come down again and your emotions will lay there waiting for you to feel again.

Numbing the pain is so common and frankly, an easy way to not deal with any issues going on in the body or the mind. As a society, we always seem to struggle with letting pain be just pain. We always want to cover it up with quick fixes but all we really are doing is resisting to look at the truth. The pain won’t heal if we can’t feel.

Learning to sit with pain is so important. When all we want for it to be over it really is as easy as feeling it out. When we let the pain pass through us, it won’t fight back. I know it sounds contradictory to everything you’ve ever heard growing up. But try it out.

Sit with the pain, talk to the pain, ask it questions. Why are you here? What are you trying to teach me? What can you give me and what can I let out? What is it that you want me to know? What am I missing? What is the lesson?

Sometimes the pain lies only in our minds as hurtful memories from the past or negative stories we believe to be true about ourselves. Learn to observe your mind and let the thoughts pass you by without reacting to them.

When you experience pain next time, let it pass through you and see if it disappears. Learn to ride the storm out. Wait for it to pass. It can’t hurt more than it already does, right?

I would love to hear how you deal with pain and what you do to find relief in hard moments. Leave a comment below if you feel like sharing.



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