Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide 2022

Everybody on social media is talking about Mercury retrograde. This is your Mercury retrograde survival guide for 2022. Is it still relevant? What are the dos and don’ts? Let’s find out!

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide 2022

Mercury retrograde is the astrological explanation for everything that is going bad in your life right now. Mercury is the planet that rules all communication and when it is in retrograde three times a year for three weeks, shit (can) hit the fan. The truth is the planet is not really moving backward, it just appears that way from the earth as an optical illusion.

The ruler of communication

Since the planet is the ruler of communication, it can affect travel, technology, and contracts. During this time, flights and trains are often delayed and create a lot of stress for people who commute. Computers and smartphones have temporary malfunctions and emails or other documents can get lost in cyberspace during this time. Doublecheck who you send your emails to so you don’t send private emails to the wrong person. More accidents happen during the retrograde due to miscommunication, in both written and oral expression. Make sure you are calm when you speak so that you don’t say anything you’ll have to regret later. Also, you should back up your computer and save your files beforehand. A piece of advice is to not install new software during this time.

It also can affect contracts so if you are buying a new house or signing an agreement see if you can reschedule until Mercury is orbiting in the “right” direction again. There can be invisible terms hidden in your contract that can cost you a lot of money in the future or get you in trouble later. Don’t sign a lease for a new car or make big purchases either. If you have to sign papers just make sure you read it thoroughly and carefully before the ink dries.

This is also not the best time to start a new job because you’ll likely get a different position than the one you thought you’d get. Same goes with starting a new relationship during these weeks because they probably won’t last for long.

When is Mercury in retrograde in 2022?

  • January 14, 2022 – February 3, 2022. It starts off in Aquarius and moves to Capricorn in the end.
  • May 10, 2022 – June 2, 2022. It starts in Gemini and ends in Taurus.
  • September 9, 2022 – October 2, 2022. It begins in Libra and travels back into Virgo.
  • December 29, 2022 – January 18, 2023. Stays in Capricorn for the whole retrograde period.
Mercury retrograde Survival Guide 2022

How to survive Mercury Retrograde

The way to get through this period is to be aware of things not functioning properly and doublecheck your work before you send emails or texts. You can live your normal life, just make sure to take deep breathes when things are moving slowly.

This is actually a good time to really slow down in life and look inwards. Take the time to journal, read and get to know yourself. Spend time in solitude and look for solutions instead of obsessing about what isn’t working. Communicate less and try to listen more to what life is teaching you during this period.

During this time old friends and family members seem to be resurfacing as well. People from your past can pop up from the blue and it can be a fun time to just explore the relationships or to get closure. Either way, this is the ultimate time to redo everything and hopefully get a better outcome than before.

Mercury retrograde can be very frustrating but they are often helpful as well because we get to reassess, revisit, and redesign our plans. We get to rethink everything and slow down in our decisionmaking which gives us new ideas. Use the time wisely and remember that this too shall pass.

I hope you found this article of your Mercury retrograde survival guide in 2022 to be helpful. The first period of 2022 is here now and I wish you a smooth time filled with a lot of insight. Please leave a comment in the section below and tell me what your best tips are for surviving the retrograde.



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  • Abbas

    Dear Pet thanks for sharing your blog on Mercury Retrograde. I didnt realise it was over three periods in 2019 that was interesting. I have a strong belief in countering these events through having a deep connection to the earth. You can do this is various ways by grounding your body, may favorite being in close contact with a mountain. We are very blessed that we have Table Mountain in our city which is a huge granite structure overlooking the city and acts as a wonderful place to ground yourself. I always find wonderful peace and tranquility when climbing the mountain and finding a quite place to meditate. Nothing can beat it. Thanks for sharing

    • Pet

      Hey Abbas!

      Thank you for sharing how ground yourself. Living close to the mountains sounds amazing for getting some mindful time alone. 

      Sending you love/Pet

  • JJ

    Hi Pet, I am learning about the Mercury retrograde for the first time. Well I am a Piscean, and based on your article, I should be experiencing this phenomenon now. I need to back up my computer, and delay installing the new software (Logic ProX) I am planning tp buy. Thanks for the alert and the advice. I do regular journaling and introspective work, but now I am aware of this I will be ‘listening’ more.

  • ajibola40

    Thanks for writing this article on what mercury retrograde is. I must commend you for a job well done  for putting up this article. I find it useful and I hope many find it useful too in there ways of life.

    i think following all what I call this in this article will really help alot. Especially cross checking every document before signing it in other not to get into trouble at a later time in lofe

  • Louis

    I’ve not heard about the Mercury retrograde, however I’m glad to read about it. I’m going to take note of the Mercury retrograde and make sure I make the right decisions this month. Practically, this month I would t take a new job, or sign a new contract, or get a new car or a new endeavor as a whole. So as to avoid the mistakes prone to happen during the Mercury retrograde. Thanks for letting this out, warm regards

  • Tolu

    Hi Pet, this post is quite informative. Today is 10th March, so we can say we are in the Mercury retrograde period at the moment. Based on the post, the disadvantages of the period outclass the advantage. The advantage of the period based on your post is the uniting of old friends. Sincerely, I don’t want to lose any files, neither would I want to get myself involved in a nastic contract. Does this affect every nation of this world the same way? To survive this period, I would need to back up my system daily, instead of weekly, and confirm receipt of every email I sent out.  

    • Pet

      Hi Tolu!

      I think it is a worldwide phenomenon, but some people don’t experience it the same way! I hope you have a calm period!



  • Kenechi

    I’m sure this is my very first time getting to know about mercury retrograde and it’s meaning. I love reading new things but this time am confused about the meaning and findings of mercury retrograde. You discussed mercury retrograde as an astrological term of when things are not moving well in one’s life. 

    • Pet

      Hi Kenechi!

      It is really not that complicated. Basically, there are some shifts happening with the planets and the moon all the time, which can change how we react or think down here on planet earth since we are also moving around the sun. We are all connected to the universe and this is a way to explain why sometimes things don’t work out as we plan.



  • Sanni Babatunde Bilal

    Hi there, Hmmm these really got me thinking for real like am a science student and I never heard or probably known mercury to be the ruler of communication but reading these article it really articulated me to be candid.. I would just communicate less with people and try to learn more about myself like you said in the write up Spend time in solitude and look for solutions instead of obsessing about what isn’t working…

    • Pet

      Hi Sanni!

      It is an astrological explanation of the planet Mercury and whether you believe in these things or not, I hope you have a calm month. Spending time alone is really great for the soul.



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