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Last weeks theme was; joy. So, if you are craving some daily affirmations, follow along and choose joy!

I have had the privilege to really slow down these last couple of weeks from work and I have used the time to connect to my body instead. I have been taking walks in the rain, going to the gym, exploring my yoga practice and doing some breathwork. I feel the most alive when my body is in motion and it gives me so much joy to move. There are periods in my life where I don’t exercise and it always makes me feel funky without knowing why. Life is always changing but for now, I really want to keep the momentum going and continue with my moving practice.

Walking is my meditation and it makes me feel really centered and peaceful. Keeping in touch with nature helps me to make the right decisions at the right time. Nature has a way to speak if we are willing to listen. When I am in walking I get small inspirations that make my heart glow and right now, that makes me feel pure joy.

Walking in the woods this afternoon I felt so alive and inspired. It made me feel really good to be out in nature and I had this thought; If these woods could talk, what would they say?

We can learn a lot about life from just observing how nature works. Nature keeps on growing even though mankind keeps polluting it. The trees just keep on standing there, tall and proud and giving away new air. New oxygen is produced constantly even though toxic air is let out. There is so much serenity and clarity to be found in just observing how everything grows.

The lesson I took from my walk was that if we learn how to take in all the negativity in the world, maybe we can transform it and turn it into something good. Pain, suffering, and heartbreak don’t have to be all bad if we allow ourselves to feel the negative and then transform it into something positive. Make lemonade out of the lemons life has given you, it might bring you joy instead.

Being alive feels so much better when we are moving, breathing and changing. Instead of holding your emotions in and being stagnant see if you can shift your perspective through movement and allow yourself to get new feelings. It will give joy, I promise.



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