The word of last week was; open. So, if you are craving some daily affirmations, follow along and choose to open.

Kali Season + Mercury in Retrograde + Sun in Cancer + Full Moon Eclipse = Dracarys (Fire)!

Perhaps it is immature to blame the season that we are in for everything that has been going on lately but I feel like I haven’t been able to control my emotions this month. I guess it was time for a change and time to grow.

Before that could happen life wanted me to get honest about all the shit that I have been carrying around with me and that has created my reality. For as long as I can remember I have felt like I am not worthy, left out and forgotten. I started to believe that I was stuck in those emotions and I decided I couldnt live my life by that belief anymore. I guess that is why I exploded last week and burned down the relationships around me that weren’t serving me.

My inner teenager acted out and I let her run the show last week because I couldn’t take it anymore. She sees all the bullshit my adult self is keeping up with and she is not having it. I have been swallowing my own truth, biting my tongue, and ignoring my needs to please everybody else. I dont want to live like that.

That teenager she knows I am worthy, important and special. She wants to be seen and heard. That is why she tried to protect me from holding back my feelings last week. She just erupted and couldn’t take any more of the bullshit that life was feeding her. She burned down everything that was not real so that I could see what is really true.

She wants me to open up my heart again and trust life. She wants me to feel loved. She wants me to be alive. So for her, I am willing to be open to this new belief;

My life is amazing! I deserve to get what I want and I am worthy of everything I desire. I am surrounded by love and I feel supported.

I am willing to be open to the possibility that all my wildest dreams can come true. Are you open for a change? Let me know in the comment section below.



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