Regaining your balance…

I have been feeling so busy lately and kind of lost touch with my inner self. There have been so many winds coming from all directions and it left me feeling shaken. I had to learn how to stand tall, just like a palm tree, even though the storm moved me from one side to the other. I decided to keep my strength and be steady. It was as simple as leaning my body to the other side so that I could regain my balance again, even though it felt scary for a second or two.

I do not know about you but I know my mind can make up false theories of its own when I am feeling sad. The strong reactions I get are based on previous disappointing experiences that replay in my head when I let my thoughts wander off to the dark memories. The good angel on my shoulder tells me to change my thinking but the evil one whispers that I should defend myself and makes me feel scared. I get mad when I am scared and it is either that I make myself go crazy or that I lose control of my mind.

In moments like that, I have to contain my energy and focus my thinking to feel lighter. It is hard work I am not going to lie. Sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us and a mistake I often make is that I forget that I am in charge of my own mind.

When the dark voices in your head are trying to take over your mind try not to give in to them. Do not believe what your negative subconscious is telling you when you are upset, it is telling you lies because you are feeling vulnerable.

To stand in the midst of all confusion and say to yourself; I accept all this pain is a way to stop the battle in your brain and regain power. Center into yourself and feel the peaceful change in your body as you accept what is and let it be. You will get instant results if done correctly. That means no manipulation or pretending but complete acceptance. Just surrender.

Do you ever feel like you are trapped inside your head? How do you deal with the dark side within you? I would love to hear how you tackle your thoughts and what you do to regain balance. Leave a comment in the section below.



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