The evil eye and ego minds…


Vibes don’t lie.

Money and success can make people protective of themselves and create a lot of fearful thoughts and negativity. The ego and its madness want to make us believe that we are not worthy of the pretty things in life and therefore it does all it can to take it away from us. I have found that if I focus too much on my own success I get in a state of fear and whenever I feel myself being too egoistic or obsessed with myself I perform badly and lose control in my daily life.

In the Middle Eastern culture, people believe in the power of the evil eye. When something bad happens to them, they immediately say; it is thanks to the evil eyes. They believe that other people wish them bad thoughts and create their misfortunes. They think accidents are caused out of jealousy and that people who stare at you with evil eyes have a black heart and black eyes that make bad things happen. After an accident, they trace back everyone they met on that day and put the blame on that one person they find guilty for the accident.

I have to admit that I myself have used this excuse after getting a speeding ticket, parking ticket or dropping something on the floor. In one way, I believe it is all about placing the blame of our own misfortunes on others and stepping away from our own responsibility for the mishap. But on the other hand, I have wondered if there is some truth to it. The idea of how jealousy and negative energy can be transformed from one person to the other makes me question if there is such a power as evil eyes and bad vibes.

The evil eye and ego minds…

There is no such thing as accidents.

Growing up I often heard about this “theory” from my parents and was thought to be careful around people and not show my own success too much because that would make them jealous of me. This is obviously something that left an imprint on me and my thinking around success but I don’t hold it against them. I just feel like it is time to break that cycle.

The truth is that other people can’t control my life. If something bad happens it is meant to teach me a lesson. Accidents are just warning signs that signals that it is time to wake up and be honest about my own life. Life could be telling me that the friend I am hanging out with really isn’t a good friend. It could be that the road I am on is not right for me, that I should turn around. Another sign that something is wrong could be that the doors I am trying to open won’t unlock because my dreams are not behind those particular doors. They are somewhere else. Life is just trying to guide me to move forward.

Thinking about accidents in this way instead of placing the blame on other people lets me take the control. I am not the victim of other peoples’ bad vibes. I am the one who is in charge of what I see and I can choose to see the lesson instead.

Have you been going through something lately that made you feel like you were a victim? How did you turn it around? I would love to hear how you deal with the negative energy in your life. Leave a comment in the section below.



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  • Stefan

    I just had an experience this weekend that once again showed me that I should either control situations better or accept that the responsibility for not doing so.

    A”friend” said he would show us around his town. First it was interesting and we did see many places we would not have found alone.

    When it was time to eat the problem began. Our friend brought us to a place I’ didn’t like and that looked more expensive than where we usually eat.

    He didn’t leave and ate at our cost and even invited another female friend we didn’t know. Me and my wife were actually looking for a romantic dinner for two lol.

    Well this guy won’t show me around town anymore.

    • Pet

      Hi Stefan!

      Thank you for sharing this story and I am sorry to hear your date night was ruined. Sometimes we have to be able to say no to people and set boundaries to protect our time. We are always in control but I know it is hard to actually reject people who want to spend time with you. I think that once you really get clear about what you want out of your life it gets easier to live in a more positive environment and surround yourself with good people. 

      Wishing you a lovely Sunday afternoon. 



  • Chris

    A really interesting article, and I can definitely relate to some of your angles on the negativity that success brings. 

    I’m a qualified musician and I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of my adult life composing and songwriting. Confidence isn’t usually a problem when songs are being constructed, although it is if a song sees a degree of success – I’ve always wondered why this is?

    Is it the pressure of backing up your success with more success? Is it just a disbelief in what you have achieved?

    Great article, really makes you think!

    • Pet

      Hi Chris!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas about success. I think it is hard for a lot of people to trust in their own greatness and when they achieve something great it is like they have to prove to themselves that they don’t deserve it. What do you think it is hard to be confident when other people sees your work?



  • Barry

    Oh Pet. I must confess that was an awesome and powerful piece. I had a pleasant time reading through this piece. I sincerely agree with you. Everything that happen to us serve as lessons and experience for a better living. Over the years, I have learnt to take responsibility for anything that happens to me. I’m fully in charge. Nobody has right over my life. Keep up these inspiring articles.

    • Pet

      Hi Barry! 

      I am so glad to hear that you liked this piece. Taking responsibility is the only right thing that we can do when things aren’t working the way we thought they would. Thank you for stopping by and sharing you thoughts. 



  • Loes

    Hi Pet, it’s always easier to give someone else the blame for bad things that happen to you, than to find the fault in yourself. I always say, when you point 1 finger to someone else to blame, 3 fingers point back to yourself. I have the motto, what you send out, you get back. So when something bad does happen, I have a mirror to look into and ask myself, how did this happen, what have I done wrong, and what can I change today so this doesn’t happen again in my future.


    • Pet

      Hi Loes,

      It is so true, just as you say we get what we give. I liked what you wrote about the fingers. We should always start with the man in the mirror. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I wish you a lovely start of the new week. 



  • Evald

    Hello Pet,

    I would often end up thinking, what is the reason behind bad things happening to me, and if such power as ”black eyes” exists. I’ve came to conclusion that bad things are lessons which carry very important and signifcant meaning behind them and it is our choice whether we want to learn something from them or choose to be angry and surround ourselves in negativity, which in the end will only make the situation worse. And nobody, but me has the power to take my precious life in my hands and start making positive changes, seek happiness, grow from mistakes and most importantly- share the love with others and help the people arround me Thank You for this beautiful article, I really enjoyed it from the begging to the end! I love Your quote: ”Accidents are just warning signs that signals that it is time to wake up and be honest about my own life.” – one of the most inspiring and most meaningful quotes I’ve read in a long time. It truly helped me realize the true, significant value of mistakes or accidents and showed me how to make most out of them to learn and grow as person!  I will bookmark this page and comeback read it again when I will feel low.

    • Pet

      Hi Evald!

      Thank you! 

      You made me smile and I am so glad that you liked this piece. Really made my day to hear that you got so much out of it. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

      Love, Pet

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