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    Rise Sister Rise…

    I am currently reading a great book that I highly recommend if you are into spirituality. It is called Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell. It has reminded me about all the sisters I have out there in the world who have inspired me to be who I am today. I love all the women in my life who support and lift each other up because they know that together we are stronger.

    I have had many female role models through the years and have always been surrounded by girls older than me. Girls who were vegetarians, artists, world travels, dancers, entrepreneurs, teachers, engineers. They all had this confident and an inner light that made me believe in them. I’d like to think that they formed me into the person I am today. I am not exactly like them but I have a little bit of their light in me and maybe they have a little of mine shining through their hearts as well.

    One person who has had a great impact on me is, of course, my big sister. Growing up she was always the one who taught me everything. My mom kind of outsourced her job to my sister and she had to be the leader I guess. She told me what to wear or what not to wear, what music I should listen to or what music she loved to listen to. I was always right behind here looking at what she did but not always following in her footsteps.

    Rise Sister Rise

    Rise Sister Rise – The magic of sisterhood

    We were really close and used to talk about everything. She would come into my room and we would chat for hours. Sometimes we used to dress in separate rooms and come out wearing the same color palette. We were in sync while listening to our favorite boyband ´Nsync. She moved away to study at college and we lost that instant connection. I stayed in our hometown where I still live and sometimes I can’t help but wonder who I would have been without her.

    My sister was always so much stronger than me. She had a way of just moving on with her life. Even though I don’t want to be compared to her because people always do, I find myself feeling less than her sometimes. But I know that we are not the same person, we don’t even look alike. She has light skin and I have dark skin. She is blond and I am a brunette. She does weightlifting while I practice yoga. We are not the same person but still we have a deep bond.

    Having her to guide me in my life has been a gift. It has taught me to be myself even though I have always heard her voice in the back of my head wispering her guidance to me. When she left for college I found a new older girlfriend who inspired me to be confident and free. During that time my relationship with my sister was a little bit shaky. We weren’t always connected but we didn’t grow apart, we just changed a little bit. That is the thing about life, it is always changing and when we hold on to the past we get stuck in old ways.

    My sister and I still have our bond and she will always be the person who has inspired me the most in life and the longest relationship I probably will have with anyone in life. I am grateful for her and all the strong women who have walked before me who have taught me about sisterhood. I look forward to the new women who are entering my life as I step into womanhood.

    Who has made a great impact on your personality? Do you have a person in your life who has shaped you into the person that you are today and what do you want to say to that person?

    Rise Sister Rise,