Tick tock…


We long, we look back, we mourn it, we enjoy it.
It’s the little moments.
It moves us, keeps us going.
We forget, we grow.
It’s all around us but we can never grab it.
Seize the moment they say.
From a kid to a boy to a man.
It creates, it destroys.
The only thing keeping us alive, we take it for granted.
It is our friend, our ally, our enemy, our biggest fear.
We think we have control, it’s everything.
We focus, try to learn but it moves us away from the truth.
It’s all we really have but yet we can´t touch it.
From a little girl to a woman to a lady.
From the cradle to the grave.

tick tock

After all the lessons life has taught me I still find myself feeling lost in this world looking for some kind of truth to save me. I found that time is the answer to all my prayers. When I am happy I want it to pass slow, when I am sad I just want it to pass by fast. I feel stuck in it when I am trying to figure out where to go. I feel like it is teasing me when I am all alone. Sometimes I am chasing it and all I want is a bit more time to feel everything and sometimes I need it to vanish into thin air and take me and my thoughts with it.

All I know for sure is that we will never truly know anything until we lose it all. We will never find ourselves if we don’t lose ourselves and we will never appreciate our time here on earth if we never waste it on trying to find a little piece of heaven.



I practice yoga. I eat organic food. I write.

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