A magnet of your own desires…

You’ve always had the power my dear. You had it all along. ~ Glinda

As we grow up we forget to use our imagination, we forget the power we once had. Somewhere along the ride through life, that dream we once had for our own lives fades away and we become cynics. People tell us that we need to grow up and become serious, they laugh at us for dreaming too big and before we know it we begin to question everything. We stop hearing what our heart wants and listen to the ones who have already lost the battle against faith. Or is it that we actually stop believing?

For some reason, we stop trusting and yet we secretly wait for a miracle and live our lives stuck in limbo. We are trying to get to happiness with one foot in the hope of a new tomorrow while the other one stuck in regret in the past and we wonder why we keep on falling down. Remember when everything seemed possible? When we had dreams of what we would become and what we wanted out of life and actually thought that it would come true one day? I am still in the progress of learning to lean on faith and I admit that it is challenging. Recently I found myself sarcastically laughing at my younger brother when he told me his plans and dreams for his future and I had a wake-up call. I had become one of those naysayers that I couldn’t stand.

I am not saying that growing up doesn’t have its perks, however, it makes me think about why it seemed easier and more fun when I was younger. I guess that it got scarier and harder when I became responsible for my own decisions and when I realized that it was all in my hands. As exciting as it may seem to actually be holding that wand that makes everything happen it can also feel very intimidating.

Dreaming is free and acting out of faith takes courage but I am willing to jump and trust that I will land on my feet. How about you?

What if I told you could be a magnet of your own desires? What would you change about yourself if you knew you could attract what you’ve always wanted? Let me know in the comments below.



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