Will I ever be good enough?

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be good enough… I compare myself to others and I have this mean way of talking to myself like I am trying to torture myself. I would never let anybody else talk to me in that way and I can’t imagine I would accept it if someone did for this long. So why is it OK for me to have this low self-talk with myself?

I have a hard time accepting my faults and I carry a lot of regrets that is weighing me down. Sometimes I can let it go but other times it really tries to drown me deep into some big whole. I have no idea why I keep on accepting this behavior from myself and why I don’t protest louder. It has just become so normal that it is not a big deal anymore. I just feel like it is time to stare at this negative fear right in the eyes and take the bull by the horns so to speak. Where is all the hate coming from? Is it a younger version of myself who is feeling hurt? Or is it me?

Isn’t weird that we have these different versions of ourselves that we don’t recognize. We are different people in different situations and that is normal. However, we should try to be aligned with our true self so that when we speak the body and the mind all say the same things. Connecting our parts to one true being makes us feel more real and authentic. The mind, the spirit and the body should all cooperate in trying to make our lives better. Meditation, exercise, and yoga are great ways to feel connected in your own body. I know this yet sometimes I resist it and it takes me a while to get back to my practice. But when I do I feel my body getting calmer and my mind and focus gets clearer and I feel a slight sense of relief in my heart where I get this knowing that everything will be alright and I feel good enough again.

Are you struggling to feel like you are good enough? I know I have been for a long time now but it is time to break the cycle now and focus on what is good in life. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this topic and maybe together we can find a way to let go of our inner critic. Leave a comment in the section below.



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  • Daniel

    Great article Pet but I must say that it is somehow emotional too. We all have flaws and virtues and we always should improve ourselves for the better. You are right, I often ask that question myself and think can I even go better but do not worry. We are all good persons in our way.

    • Pet

      Hi Daniel!

      Thank you for your kind words! As you say we are all good people and improvement is good. It is natural to asks these questions and as you say they lead to us figuring out what is important. And also, sometimes it is good to be a bit emotional and find out how we really feel. 



  • Riaz Shah

    Hey Pet,

    I was a perfectionist and I always challenged myself to be better but eventually, that overwhelmed me because although I was scoring high in exams and doing well in tournaments, I felt pressured every hour of the day because each minute that I lost, I regretted not utilising it to do something for my life. It became worse as I started becoming obsessive compulsive until at one point, I just gave up. Is this normal ? 

    • Pet

      Hi Riaz! 

      Thank you for sharing your story! Nothing is right or wrong. It is hard to find balance and sometimes we want so much but can’t see the road to get there. Little steps is always the key. Normal is loving yourself and making the most of every situation. You clearly have the power in you to be productive, the question is why you stopped?

      Sending love,


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