Face your fears…

Isn’t it scary how memories can paralyze us so much in certain moments? I have been feeling stuck lately and I think it is because I have been thinking too much of the past. I have been worried about the future and feeling a bit scared that it will be just like the past which is exactly what I have been wanting to avoid.

The real scary part is that if we don’t learn to live with peace in our thoughts they can try to destroy us. I believe we all at some point in our lives are going to ask ourselves what we did wrong and how we ended up where we are. Maybe we try to heal through shopping, therapy or food, we want to fill up the empty holes and forget our bad memories. Oftentimes that is the fear who is taking us out of our present to try to do some damage to our lives. Whenever you find yourself trying to escape a feeling remember that it could be the fear that is trying to take control of your mind.

Breaking that cycle of negative thinking and stepping away from the fearful state is how you get back to your own self again. It is a simple step to take but it can feel impossible to do when fear has you paralyzed.

You have to be able to feel the fear, let it be and accept it in order to find peace. Only when you acknowledge the things that scare you will it go away. Feeling the fear in a moment is like ripping off a band-aid and usually, the thought of it is scarier than the actual act. For the fear to go away you have to be able to be honest about what scares you. So that you can face it and move on.

Do you allow yourself to feel what is actually scaring you in your life? Have you been going through something similar lately where you felt stuck? I would love to hear how you face your fears and hopefully how you overcome them. Leave a comment in the section below.



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