Keep calm and walk on…

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we want it to but we have to keep on going even though it seems impossible. A block in the road doesn’t mean that you can’t have what you want, it means you have to find a different way to your destination. What is good to remember is that the challenge is often not as difficult as we think it is in the beginning.

You can push through, you can take the dark road that might be scary or you can make a u-turn and start over again. The key is to make a decision and follow through.

Life is filled with risks no matter which path you choose so instead of just staring at the obstacle in front of you, why not take action and move forward?

Keep calm and walk on

Have you ever felt stuck and like all the roads are closed? What did you do when things didn’t work out as you wanted? How did you overcome those hard times? I would love to hear how you dealt with the obstacles and what you did to keep moving. Leave a comment below to share your experience.



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  • Dale

    Even though this article isnt a lot of words it is still very powerful.  Everyone hits road blocks in life and how they deal with those roadblocks help to determine their destination.

    There are big road blocks and smaller ones.  Some times its just a matter of taking a breath and starting over.  Sometimes you have to walk away and come back and honestly some of the larger ones need to be dealt with head on.

    Great article to keep our minds working.

    • Pet

      Hey Dale!

      Yes you summed it up pretty well. It is all about clearing the blocks and sometimes they are bigger in our head. Mindset is everything and to keep moving forward is the only way. Rest when you are tired and then go all in SPARTA!!! 🙂



  • Chris

    Wow so short and sweet, yet bang on the money with most people’s lives!

    I really like the angle of a blockage in your ‘life road’ being nothing more than a new way to your overall destination. I can relate to this from the view of my music career – more downs than ups, and plenty of obstructions….but I got there in the end!

    A lovely read.

    • Pet

      Thank you Chris for sharing. So lovely to hear that you didn’t give up and you kept moving forward with your music career. Sometimes it takes longer than we realise to accomplish our dream but they are worth it in the end, right? Would love to hear your music sometime 🙂



  • glenda


    Absolutely loved this article, and thanks for this great motivational article. I can’t really help myself by not relating to this article. I always found myself in this situation a lot, like you have the feeling of carrying the world on your shoulder and it can be painful at times, and your at the brink of losing faith, but what keeps me going on is my Perseverance, and knowing that these obstacles are just trials and we must continue our journey and keep our head looking forward and to reach our goal.

    • Pet

      Thank you for your lovely comment! It is nice to hear that I am not alone in all of these emotions. It is just like you say perseverance is the key. To take breaks every now and then is okay but we should always be moving forward and try again. That is what life really is about.



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