What is you superpower?

Have you ever wondered if you could be a superhero? Well, what is your superpower? Do you know what makes you special?

Yesterday me and my nephew watched the Incredibles. It is an animated movie about a family of superheroes who are forced to hide their superpowers. They have to be normal and not show who they really are and what they can do. The dad in the family gets a really boring job and it makes him sad because he can’t do what he really loves to do, which is helping people in need. The ending is really sweet and it made me feel hopeful like a good movie is supposed to do.

What is your superpower?

The movie got me into thinking about life again and how we all have something that makes us special but that we are always trying to fit in to be like everyone else. Why do we do that? We all want to fit in and feel connected to other people and sometimes it is not good for us. Being normal and being like everybody else is not a superpower. It is not going to make you happy. We are not supposed to live like that, this I am sure of.

Ask yourself:

What have you always been good at doing that makes you special? What makes you not fit in? What did you get teased about when you were young?

You know all those things that you felt you had to hide from the world, you are supposed to show them instead. Let them loose, they are supposed to make you shine!

When you find out what makes you special, go out and use that in the world! Be the real you, that you were before everybody told you to be quiet, stand up tall and follow their rules.

Make up your own rules! Live your life. Be you.

what is your superpower?

I would love to hear what your thoughts are about this topic. Have you found what your superpower is? This week Halloween is coming up and we get a chance to be somebody else for a night. Maybe you can use that opportunity to help you bring out your superpower. It is just a thought…

By the way, who is your favorite superhero? Mine is Batman. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below!



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  • David

    This is a really interesting post as it guides you to ask the question “what makes you unique and special?” instead of conforming to the ways that society likes people to conform. I myself use guided meditation sessions on occasion and one of those meditation teachers reminds me “there is only one me, there is only one person with my fingerprints” and remains me to “shed my light”.

    Regarding my favourite superhero, that would be Batman. There used to be a TV series about Batman that was shown on Saturdays when I was way younger. I resonated most with that Batman series. Some of the later films, not as much.  

    • Pet

      Hey David!

      Yes! Just like you say there is only one of you! Only one person with your fingerprints and therefor there is that one thing that only you can give the world!

      Guided meditations are really nice! I would love to know who you listen to…

      Batman is the best. I agree! I don’t know if I have seen that TV-serie you mentioned but I understand your feelings about the movies. Things we are used to can’t be compared to these new remakes that they keep on doing. Although I have to say that I Christian Bale is amazing as Batman 😉



  • Taetske

    Good afternoon Pet,

    That is a good question to ask your visitors. What is your Super Power? As I am 68 I have a relatively long life to look back on. Doing that I realize I have gone through different phases, call them growing phases.

    When I was a small girl I used to be creative, be it making music, drawing, painting, making things with my hands and mind.

    I worked as a touris guide in various countries and also on cruise ships. In 1981 I moved inland to an 150-year-old farm. There I started to be creative again. The outlay of the ruin, supervising the work. Learning how to build myself, 2 fishponds, a pergola, flower beds, book shelves etc. Then the garden layout and the planting. I can tell you on a farm there never is a dull moment.

    Coming back to your question I think my power lies in being creative and knowing how to adapt to any given situation in my life.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Pet

      Hi Taetske!


      What an amazing story you have behind you and probably you still have more growing phases to come! Thank you for sharing your story! It is so cool that you know what your power is and that you have been able to use your creativity in life.

      Sending you love.


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