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January |ONE

Every Monday I have decided to spend some time where I reflect on the past week and share some of my thoughts with you guys. Each week has a theme and I will follow along with the words we used for the affirmations series to bring in the lesson. This weeks theme is letting go. You can find the affirmations for letting go here.

I hope you’ve had a good first week of the fresh new year. I have been feeling a bit tired and a little lost these last couple of days. The holidays were nice but a little too long for an introvert like me. Spending time with other people can be very intense and draining. I don’t know about you but I need alone time to regain energy and return to myself every now and then. Last night I decided that I am ready to feel good again and today I actually had a nice day. I re-learned that feeling good is all about having the right mindset.

You decide who you want to be and how you want to act in every moment of every day. The rest is not up to you, for the most part. Other people’s actions or reactions are not your responsibilities and once you understand this, you can be free from all the noise out there. There is always going to be somebody who has an opinion about what you do or how you look but the only thing that matters is how you react to the outside world. If you learn how to master your mind you can let go of all that is no longer serving you anymore.

Letting go is not something we do once and then never again. It is something that takes practices and just like you wash your clothes every now and then, you need to wash your mind from all the old thoughts that you no longer need as well. Let go of all the things that aren’t giving you any joy. Clean your living space, get rid of things in your home that doesn’t make you happy. Let go of old beliefs, thoughts, and even people that bring you down. When you let go of old stuff, new things can come in to your life and give you more energy.

Make it a habit to take out the mental trash and clean up space inside you so that you can have more of the things you love. Mediation and journaling are two of my favorite ways to remove old parts of myself that I no longer want to hold on to. Can you think of other ways to get a fresh mind? Leave a comment in the section below if you feel like sharing your ways of letting go. 



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