The word of last week was; discipline. So, if you are craving some daily affirmations, follow along and choose to be disciplined.

I have been vegan for a couple of months now and that requires a lot of my discipline daily. I have to make choices based on my lifestyle and sometimes it is hard to control my urges and since this society isn’t vegan-friendly yet I have to be determined enough to say no to the easy way out. People can get so annoyed that I am vegan that they want to pull me down and make me feel weird about it. That is not my problem to handle though but I have to admit that it is harder to be spontaneous when you are vegan. I have to do my research and plan my food intake beforehand if I am eating out. Being disciplined to hold on to my choice makes me feel good, but sometimes this world makes me feel crazy and I lose control of my sanity. That is what happened last week when I lashed out on my family for no reason. I realized I had to refocus my energy on what is important again and it is ironic that the lesson of the week was about discipline.

I’ve read somewhere that you only have a specific amount of discipline to use daily and when that bulk is used you don’t get more to spend on tasks that require your focus. Let’s say that you have like 100 units of discipline to use on an entire day. By the beginning of the day, it might take you 70 units to get up and go to work, be nice to your coworkers, work out and eat healthily. Making decisions that are healthy and being nice to rude people at work might take a lot of your energy and requires you to control your impulses by using your discipline.

If you only have 30 units of discipline left when you get home to your family it is easy to understand if and why you make poor decisions in the evening. You might get stuck on the couch, get in a low vibe or eat junk food because you don’t have the discipline to get up and do something good of your time. Maybe you lash out on everyone because you feel tired or hungry. Maybe you are fed up with everyone in the office but take it out on your partner. When you know where all your energy and focus goes daily it is easier to see what you can do to be more productive. Where are you using your discipline and where can you cut back?

Do you consider yourself disciplined and if so what are your best tips for getting better habits? Let me know in the comment section below.



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